commercial audio

Here at Tomahawk AV we take great pride in our commercial audio installations. We work with AV designers and audio engineers to make sure that you get the proper sound systems for your business. With a wide range of knowledge and expertise we can always provide the proper solution.


Sound Reinforcement
What we specialize in. If you are looking to install speakers for a bar, hotel, nightclub, or auditorium, we have the solutions you will need. We will install systems that range from basic background music to large speakers, subwoofers, and mixers. We use the best speakers driven by the best amplifiers on the market to give you and your customers the best sound. 


70V Audio Distribution
70v systems allow a cost-effective solution for deploying small to large quantities of  speakers with background music or paging connectivity while keeping amplification costs low.


Conference Rooms
Set-up with basic audio only microphone systems to advanced audio and video conferencing using the latest technology.


Better Acoustics
We can supply and install acoustical treatments to help balance sound for larger venues/rooms to help absorb reverberation, add warmth to a room using bass traps, absorber panels, or diffusion panels.