deva wireless audio

An all-in one solution, handling messaging, information, entertainment, and safety.

DEVA is unique. It is a flexible, technologically advanced multimedia system, designed to change the way organizations communicate and interact with citizens around the world. It is an all-in-one device, complete for broadcasting messages, streaming information, providing entertainment, ensuring safety and collecting data.
DEVA integrates multiple communication solutions into a single form factor. In short, it is a one-cable, one-software solution, doing away with the need to combine systems in order to achieve a solution with several functions.   
DEVA changes the way to design systems. In a single device, services are at a user’s disposal. In a system designed around DEVA, you can entertain audience with background music, keep them informed though announcements, and protect them through recording hi-quality video, capturing photographs, providing security lighting - when needed.